Welcome to my travel blog. This blog came about by combining two of my favourite past times – travelling and writing.

Last April, I took a year off work to travel the world. Friends asked me to write about my experiences, but I wanted to create a blog that I could continue contributing to when I got home and one that would interest, and hopefully be of use to, other travellers. Hence the delay, while I tried to figure how to do that.

I used to do a lot of research before I travelled and tried to squeeze as much sight-seeing as possible into every day on the road. These days, I’m much more relaxed about travelling and tend to arrive in a place relatively unprepared.

I’m one of those annoying people who love to start up conversations with complete strangers. I do it in queues, on buses, in shops, in restaurants … in fact, no one, anywhere is safe! By talking to local people, or just wandering around, I find out about local travel tips and discover little known gems that are not on the tourist trail. So, I came up with the idea for ‘Local travel tips’ to save you from having to waste time wandering around or annoying those lovely locals yourself.

Please leave a comment, especially if you have any recommendations yourself or any extra information about the places I have visited.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Cate, I really enjoy reading your blogs, takes me right into the heart of your travels, the fascinating places you explore and the interesting people you meet along the way… My Dad inspired in me ‘I see no end to travelling’.. isn’t it great to have the travel bug…. I look forward to seeing you again, when and where we meet along the road of our journey, travel safe.
    Love and Hugs, Linda xxxx


    • Thanks, Linda. Glad you’re enjoying reading the blogs.
      There are times the ‘travel bug’ seems like a curse but most of the time I’m happy with my itchy feet!
      Looking forward to catching uo with you somewhere along our journeys too. xx


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